5 Destinations in Canada You Must Visit in 2016

Today, with our new best friends from Travel Ticker, we are going to present the dream list of five perfect destinations in Canada you must visit in 2016. We honestly believe that all these places capture the real essence and soul of what it is like to be living in Canada, and this is why it is so worth visiting all of these magical places. Start packing!


Banff National Park

Banff National Park, covering more than 6,000 square kilometers, is considered to be the oldest and most visited park in the whole country. During the day, this spectacular place attracts visitors to gaze their eyes upon beautiful natural lakes, snowy mountains, and immense conifer forests. While at night visitors here can enjoy Northern Lights which just take the breath away from everyone who sees it.

The park is well worth a visit because of the very rich wildlife too. Here you can meet grizzlies, bald eagles, black bears, bison and many other wild animals.



Quebec, which is located in the East Canadian coast, stands out from other cities in the country for its extraordinary and slightly different architecture. In fact, the big part of the people living here actually do not consider Quebec as a part of Canada, since, in this part of Canada, a majority of people speak French.

The city was established by the French colonizers, so as you walk along the narrow streets of the old town you can feel like you a taking a stroll at one of a cozy European town, instead of the one in America.

If you decide to visit Quebec, at least, stay one overnight in the impressive Chateau Frontenac Hotel – the hotel is widely known and is the most photographed guesthouse in the entire North America.


Niagara Falls

Although many people consider Niagara Falls be one of the most famous tourist attractions in the USA, you should also visit it from the Canada’s side.

Water is falling here from a height of 57 meters, so the roar of the falls can be heard a few kilometers away. You can also take a boat tour here with a luxurious cruise ship and get as close to waterfalls as possible.

Additionally, it is worth mentioning that here visitors can enjoy not only natural landscapes. All around the area, there is no shortage of museums, casinos and botanical gardens you can also visit and have a blast.



Vancouver is one of the few places in the world where in one day you can swim in the Pacific Ocean, and afterward, go skiing in the mountains.

After having a city tour and visiting tourists’ attractions, be sure to check out the 400 hectares of Stanley Park. It will be an excellent way to relax since the whole park is full of impressive water parks, beautiful little cafes and even a miniature railway you can ride!

Halifax Boardwalk

Nova Scotia

In Nova Scotia, you can taste not only the best lobster in the world but also surf! Here, many surfers around the globe come to catch the biggest wave of their lives, since the Atlantic Ocean here gifts huge waves for all adrenaline junkies.

The coastline here is washed by the Atlantic Ocean and full of many lighthouses, so waking on the beach at night will be a truly one of a kind experience as well. Here, you can also watch huge blue whales that live here and enjoy the real peacefulness and tranquility as well. Nova Scotia is also great for hikers since here they can hike tons of mountains and enjoy having a slow walk in some of the most beautiful national parks. Perfect!


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