5 Best Places to get your Grill On this summer!

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Nothing beats that first summer hot dog. I don’t know what it is – the fresh air, the warm sun beating on vitamin D deprived skin, or just the come-togetherness that eating food outdoors provides. Whether your weapon is hot dogs, burgers, ribs, steak, or even portabella burger, chowing down on food in the great outdoors is what summer is all about. Get your cooler, a handful of friends, a six-pack of your favourite beverage, and set out on a summer eating adventure with your grill.

1. The Lakeside Cottage

tasty burgers

Mmm, Dis Tasty

Whether it’s your cottage, your friends cottage, or a distant family members cottage, nothing enhances the flavour of grilled food more than a waterfront panorama. Rustling trees, gentle white caps and the smell of nature enhances whatever you’re cooking. Whether your grill is setup on the grass, on the dock, or on the beach, nothing beats the flavours of a Lakeside Cottage grill-up.

2. The Backyard BBQ

Call your friends, your neighbours, set out a cooler full of beer, pop, and spritzers, and get the grill going. While the backyard barbecue doesn’t have the same outside surroundings, you still get a healthy dose of sunshine to go along with that burger and potato salad. Hands down best reserved for Saturday or Sunday afternoons. Which reminds me, I need to break in my backyard with one of these.

3. The Camp trip Cook-Up

Wrap a handful of potatoes in tin foil (after dousing them in butter of course), dice up some carrots and onions (again, more butter), and cook up your favourite patties, meat, or vegetarian alternatives while taking in the great outdoors. The Camp trip Cook-Up is best enjoyed after an afternoon of canoeing, swimming, or hiking. Enjoy a full belly while you warm up beside the fire with your favourite drink in hand and a poker stick in the fire. Heaven’s got nothing on this.

4. The Volunteer Feed

Nothing says Canadian quite like helping your community. Whether it’s your local animal shelter, a non-profit, or even a company picnic, getting together and helping a cause you care about and respect is a great way to spend a day. Most volunteer events longer than a few hours have a BBQ (and if they don’t, maybe you need to remind them). Lather that dog up with your favourite fancy pants mustard, a dash of ketchup, and a bit of relish if you’re feeling adventurous, and you’re set! Eating good food from a grill is only enhanced when you’re helping make positive change in your community.

5. The Tailgater

The art of tailgating has waned in the last few years, with several stadiums outlawing tailgating. Many have gotten around this by setting up in nearby parking lots unaffiliated with the sports team, or simply meeting up with some friends somewhere. Throwing a grill on the back of a truck with a dozen of die-hard fans is an amazing way to connect with friends, and of course, your dinner. Just be careful not to spill any condiments on that expensive jersey – I know you never wash that thing!

Think outside the box!

Nothing says you can’t bring your grill to new places, with a bit of careful planning you could have your very own Weber Grill moment such as this. Subscribe to the WeberGrillsCA YouTube Channel for more inspiring grilling videos like these.

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