5 Amazing Natural Hot Springs in British Columbia

Nothing beats relaxing in hot springs after a long day of hiking, surfing, or swimming. BC is home to some of the most natural hot springs in Canada. While some hot spring are located within resorts, many others are located in national parks or remote areas, tucked away in the bush. The amenities of these hot springs vary from towel service and hotel accommodations, to rocky paths with complete privacy.

Here are 5 of the most amazing natural hot springs in British Columbia:

lussier hot springs bc

Lussier Hot Springs, British Columbia Canada

The Lussier Hot Springs can be found inside Whiteswan Lake Provincial Park. These springs are quite undeveloped with gravel bottoms and are surrounded by rocks. Each one of the pools overlooks the Lussier River that runs alongside them. The hottest pool is upstream at forty-three degrees Celsius and each pool gets cooler closer to the river.

As with all natural hot springs, be wary of bears in the area and make sure to check with locals in the area and always go in groups.

Video of Lussier Hot Springs



Liard River Hot Springs-2

Liard River Hot Springs, British Columbia Canada

The Liard River Hot Springs are the second largest hot springs in Canada and are found in the Liard River Hot Springs Provincial Park. The park was created in 1957 and the hot springs were originally named the Theresa Hot Springs. The only hot spring pool that is open to the public is called Alpha and the temperatures of the pool varies from 108 to 126 degrees Fahrenheit.

There used to be another pool called Beta, but that has been closed for a few years due to bear traffic in that area. People that are looking to soak in the hot springs will be happy with the changing houses that are close by as well as the wooden walkway that leads to the pool. The hot springs are wheelchair accessible and children can play on the playground that is nearby.

Visitors will want to keep an eye out for bears as well as moose who happen to love the area near the hot springs as much as people do.

Video of Liard River Hot Springs Provincial Park



Keyhole Hot Springs, British Columbia

Photo by Hello BC

Keyhole Hot Springs, British Columbia Canada

The Keyhole Hot Springs are also known as Pebble Creek Hot Springs and are located in Pemberton, which is just north of Vancouver. There are five pools at these hot springs and the higher pools have warmer water than the lower ones. However, there are valves in the higher pools that allow people to add warmer water to the lower pools. The area around the hot springs is very rustic and the trail leading to the pools is quite un-kept. No one should plan on visiting these hot springs from November through June, because the access road is buried beneath a lot of snow.

Note: This area has had aggressive black bears in the area. Make sure you practice bear safety and check with locals before heading out. In 2016 the path was closed and people caught trespassing were subject to fines.

Video of Keyhole Hotsprings



ainsworth hot springs bc

Photo by ainsworthhotsprings.com

Ainsworth Hot Springs, British Columbia Canada

The hot springs were first visited by the Ktunaxa First Nations and the current owner is Yaqan Nukiy, who is part of the Ktunaxa people. The newly remodeled resort offers state of the art accommodations to their guests. The hot water for the springs originates near the Cody Caves and the water then flows towards the resort as the temperature increases until it reaches the pools. The pool at the base of the horseshoe cave has a temperature of 108 degrees Fahrenheit while the main lounging pool has a temperature of 96 degrees Fahrenheit. These hot springs are filled with minerals, but do not have the odor that some of the other hot springs have.

While this hot spring has more development around it, the hot spring water is natural and just as exhilarating.

Video of Ainsworth Hot Springs

Love the dancing at the start of this. Hilarious.




Photo by Hello BC

Hot Springs Cove, Tofino British Columbia Canada

Tofino is one of my favourite places in Canada. Secluded but still connected, and accessible to some of the best hiking, surfing, swimming, and yes, even hot springing. Hot Springs Cove is most popular in the fall months, but provides several springs of varying heat. As the tide comes in some pools get cooler while others are far enough away to stay pleasantly warm. Tofino is located in north western Vancouver Island.

Video of Hot Springs Cove


Map of Natural Hot Springs in BC

There is nothing more relaxing than spending time soaking in a hot spring. The benefits of the warm mineral water are evident to the countless people that visit these hot springs each year, and even if a person does not feel the difference that natural spring water provides, the hot water still feels delightful. I highly encourage checking out some of the natural hot springs in BC.

As with any outdoor excursion, make sure you check with locals before going out as BC is home to a lot of bears, and there have been some incidents in the past. BC has a ton of unique places to explore, and the natural hot springs are definitely one you don’t want to miss.

What are your favourite Hot Springs in BC? Been to any? Share in the comments below.

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