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7 Must-Have FREE Canadian iPhone and iPad Apps

There are overĀ 500,000 apps available in the iOS App Store, with downloads numbering overĀ 18,000,000,000 to date! That’s a lot of zeros fellow Apple Fanboys & Fangirls. While I’m sure that 80% of the Apps on the App Store are completely useless, I’ve come across 7 apps in the remaining 20% that are perfect for anyone […]

Crashed Ice is Coming Back to Quebec, and this Hoser’s checking it out!

It’s getting to that time again in the winter season when athletes from around the world (30 nations!) compete in what can only be described as one of those most awesome sports ever created! These athletes come from all walks of life. Professional BMXers, Skateboarders, Speed Skaters, and Hockey players strap on their pads, and […]


Air Canada VS Westjet VS Porter – A Canadian Airline Comparison

The Canadian Airline industry has never been all that friendly to its consumers wallets. Sure they might give you a free coffee & juice on a flight, they might even include some Bits & Bites if you’re lucky. But complimentary service aside, sometimes it doesn’t feel like they have the “people’s interest” in mind. Recent […]

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