2010 Canada Day in Halifax, Nova Scotia

Arriving back in Halifax only a couple days ahead of Canada Day after my 2 week stint in Saskatchewan, I hardly felt prepared when Canada Day arrived on my doorsteps. Despite my lack of preparations, I wasn’t going to fail my country. I was going to go out and have a grand ol’ time. My plan was to wake up early, get ready with plenty of time to catch the 21 gun salute at Citadel Hill. However, that didn’t exactly happen.

Explosions at Citadel Hill

I woke up with 7 minutes to make it 6 blocks to Citadel Hill for the 21 gun salute. Yes, I slept in til 11:53am, do I regret it? Not a chance. I threw on a semi-clean Tee and commenced running with perfect form. Some might say I looked like a gazelle as I passed families covered in temp tattoos of maple leafs, with red shirts, red hats, and Canadian flags hanging from any nook and cranny they could find. I made it there with less than a minute to spare. The canons exploded violently, shaking the everything and everyone near. As the 21st shot went off, the crowd lining Citadel Hill cheered.

Big ships on the Boardwalk

I walked back to my apartment leisurely, high fiving families and drunks decked out in red & white. It was already 12:15pm, I had to catch up to these animals. That wasn’t hard. After consuming a fair amount of drinks with my friend slash roommate, we decided to check out what was going on down at the boardwalk. Rumour had it that there were still a bunch of Navy ships kicking around from the Queens recent visit. The ships still in harbour during Fleet Week were awesome. Coming from SK, where the biggest boat you can hop on is your cousin Jeds 12 foot tin can fishing boat, these ships blew me away.

The Battered Fish

After checking out some of the ships the smell of salty and savory food was luring us in. The boardwalk is notorious for amazing little food stands, as well as some of its more high end restaurants. We chose the food stands. The Battered Fish was pretty lined up, but the sign above where they were taking orders greeted us with warm words, such as Poutine, and Fish ‘n Chips, and other sexy words, like “side of Gravy”, and “Made with real cheese curds“. The food was in our hands in minutes, and in our guts in seconds. Why does everything taste so much better when you’ve got a good buzz on?

A Quick Nap

I ended up walking up to Citadel Hill again to see what was going on. Which as it turned out at that moment, wasn’t much. I starfished on the grass, enjoying the bright blue sky we were given on this fantastic day. Next thing I know I wake up to the sun setting. Must have passed out there for a minute. Classic whiskey.

Wake up for round 2

Justin and I made it back to our apartment for some coffee, followed by more drinks. That quick passout kicked our butt, so getting back into the swing of things the second time around was tough. However thanks to the invention of the shotglass, we were properly intoxicated in a short time. We ran down to the harbour and barely caught the fireworks. We oo’d and ah’d for a couple of the big ones, then began planning our night.

Initially we had planned on catching the ferry to Dartmouth to catch Joel Plaskett, but those plans never panned out unfortunately. Instead we ended up bar hopping for most of the night. We met some cool people, high fived a few thousand hands, and listened to some live bands at various drinking establishments. All in all, good Canada Day. Bad hangover, but good Canada Day.

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